An Optimal Healthy Geek

While high school may have taught you differently, a geek really is an athlete. I mean it.

While the traditional form of athletics has an outwardly physical nature to it, “Geek Athletes,” are using a part of their body that consumes the most energy: their brain. By doing deep work, you are actually rendering a high level of physical performance. That is why you can get so tired of doing it.

To all you Geek Athletes out there, here are some key point’s for your training plan:

Get Some Sleep

Sleep is the number one thing you need to do in order to perform well at work. No matter the amount of caffeine you may be drinking, it will not make up for the processes your body goes through while getting a good night’s rest.

Sleep is the number one thing you need to do in order to perform well at work.

A solid eight hours of sleep is suggested for adults but I think a quality six to seven hours is enough (but it has to be quality). If you really want to get advanced, use a sleep tracker that will sense REM sleep; this is one of the five sleep phases, the last one, where your brain and body rests and reenergizes.

Drink Water (A Lot of It)

You are 70% water. Just being a little dehydrated changes your chemical nature, more so if you are pounding caffeine all day and constantly forcing water out of your system.

Try to drink an ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight. Don’t worry, you will not drown yourself, but you will notice that many of your headaches actually stem from dehydration. Another side benefit is that your skin will thank you for it.

Eat Well- Well, At Least Eat Smart

I am not going to tell you what to eat. I know the younger you are the more you can eat cardboard and get by. The exact chemical makeup of what you put into your mouth is not as important to me, as you knowing what type of food has a certain impact on your body. Even more significant is knowing how long you will receive the benefits of these ingredients and how frequently you eat.

It takes energy to digest food. If you eat a lot of heavy food at one point in time, that energy has to come from somewhere, and the biggest place to draw it from is your brain. That is why no one wants to present right after lunch – everyone is in some form of a food coma.

When you get too hungry, your reptilian brain takes over. It starts to interrupt your train of thought to ensure that you know you are STARVING and to stop working on that piece of code, that draft of something creative, and to get up and feed yourself. Basically, hunger is one of the most powerful interrupters you will ever have.

Study Your Body’s Reaction

Your body chemistry is not entirely the same as everyone else’s. Learn what keeps you sharp, what time(s) of the day you perform best at, and what you can do to improve the events surrounding you.

Getting good sleep, having enough water, and having the right food at the right time is half the battle. This is the fuel and training you need to prepare for the hard work your brain does. Take care of it and it should take care of you.

What does your food regimen look like? Do you have any foods that positively impact your body and brain more so than others?

– Mike

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