Mike Byrne


How to Become a Professional Hockey Player

Growing up in the Greater Toronto area, playing hockey was a rite of passage; any Canadian that had any athletic ability and parents with reasonable disposable income was on the ice. As the younger of two boys, I was roped into my older brother’s sports antics (a parent’s logistical solution for minimizing travel and keeping more than one child entertained).

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What to Consider When Growing Out of a Startup and Into a Midsized Business

The jump from a startup to a midsized business is often a tough one for many entrepreneurs. When you are a startup, you are deeply immersed in the many tasks and projects that come with bringing your ideas to life. Between design, new client acquisition and assembling your team you’re not necessarily thinking about what will happen in the future-

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Stop Being a Vendor – Work on Being a Partner

The software industry is always moving at top speeds, consistently innovating new technology, as well as continuing its compounded growth in hardware. Due to this constant and increasing velocity of change, companies and their software providers tend to experience a revolving door of relationships with providers entering and leaving the market in the blink of an eye- much faster than

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Welcome to Mike Blogs

In 2013, there were about 152 million blogs floating around the Internet. I can only imagine the number has doubled (or tripled) since then. Today there will be one more added to that ever-growing number, as I am starting a blog. Welcome! Why am I taking the plunge into the blogosphere? Several reasons- I cannot individually talk to each of

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