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Don’t Fool Yourself – What Type of Software Company Are You Actually Running?

A common question I receive from people I have recently met or friends that are stepping into software is how they should look at their business. Not too long ago, a close friend repeated this same question to me. Many people think of software companies as the ones they read about in popular articles. The reality is that there are

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Communicate Expectations Accurately, then Work Hard to Exceed Them

In Vertical Markets, Relationships Last a Long Time In many of the markets in which Aquila operates, the key to success is the long-term relationships between us and our clients. The reality is that there is no relationship between our company and the client- it is between our staff and the client’s staff. That is where the rubber hits the

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Stop Being a Vendor – Work on Being a Partner

The software industry is always moving at top speeds, consistently innovating new technology, as well as continuing its compounded growth in hardware. Due to this constant and increasing velocity of change, companies and their software providers tend to experience a revolving door of relationships with providers entering and leaving the market in the blink of an eye- much faster than

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