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Don’t Fool Yourself – What Type of Software Company Are You Actually Running?

A common question I receive from people I have recently met or friends that are stepping into software is how they should look at their business. Not too long ago, a close friend repeated this same question to me. Many people think of software companies as the ones they read about in popular articles. The reality is that there are

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From Mid-Sized to Dominant: the Path for Continuous Market Aggression

If you have successfully navigated the path from a startup to a mid-sized company – Congratulations! You are one of the very few and should consider yourself triumphant. Take a breath, reflect and recognize what you have done. Then Get Paranoid Many companies plateau if they are able to make it to mid-size. They have found the right offering and

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What to Consider When Growing Out of a Startup and Into a Midsized Business

The jump from a startup to a midsized business is often a tough one for many entrepreneurs. When you are a startup, you are deeply immersed in the many tasks and projects that come with bringing your ideas to life. Between design, new client acquisition and assembling your team you’re not necessarily thinking about what will happen in the future-

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