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Work/Life Balance

It seems weird to write a blog post regarding work/life balance while being on a back-to-back overseas business trip. Actually, it could not be a better time. Working in a “stretch” environment may make you feel as though you are burning the candle at both ends. In these situations, it is easy to feel like you are overwhelmed with work.

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An Optimal Healthy Geek

While high school may have taught you differently, a geek really is an athlete. I mean it. While the traditional form of athletics has an outwardly physical nature to it, “Geek Athletes,” are using a part of their body that consumes the most energy: their brain. By doing deep work, you are actually rendering a high level of physical performance.

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A Great Book You Might Find Brings Focus

Once you leave school, your learning has only just begun. This time, though, you don’t have assigned books- you need to find your own. I might have one for you. While I read quite a bit of fiction, I also enjoy business books, particularly those that focus on individual and team performances. As a leader in a thought industry, I

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