Challenging All Millennials: Take the Leadership Role in Front of You!

Forget the popularized labels millennials currently hold. Forget that every generation is discontent by their previous or subsequent successors. Forget what our social media timelines feed us. Forget all of that. Here are some facts you should concern yourself with:

  1. Since 2010, nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. Their vacancies in the workforce will perpetuate the need for qualified people to occupy their available positions.
  2. The incoming group of individuals entering the workforce (notice, I did not say Millennials) will become the largest working age group in the United States.
  3. This up and coming workforce is entering the market during a new age of technology that is quickly changing at a pace never seen before.
  4. With this rapid change, the history and experience of those experts around us will begin to decrease in value with each passing decade.

Since 2010, nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day.

For these upcoming generations, there is a serious vacuum underway that needs quality people. While many people “shade” Millennials by amplifying their renowned stereotypes; the reality is that their group is one of the few generations with enough population size, education, and capabilities to handle future challenges.

To all Millennials: Are you willing to take on the responsibility? Your duties will lie in learning and working hard. Yes, you can design your job to be more flexible than how your predecessors functioned, but you have to be able to produce better results.

I am not saying that you will automatically get a participation award and everyone will be happy you are stepping into the game. Regardless of these claims, others will have to cede responsibility to those who get things done and are willing to be held accountable.

You can redesign and redefine how you perform your duties, but keep in mind there are clients and stakeholders on the other side – parties who are paying for results. As a team member, regardless of which organization you are a part of, you need to deliver.

Another challenge you will encounter is people around you interpreting your actions and intentions. Like any other generation, being relatively new means that older generations will have a preconceived notion that you have not earned your way yet.

While this may be true, it is also the responsibility of the incoming generation to effectively communicate and respectively ask what and how action items were achieved. I believe it is the responsibility of the communicator to ensure the intended audience hears and understands their POV (not the other way around).

By putting into practice your unique skills alongside a successful action plan, you can raise the bar and increase overall performance.

One massive opportunity in the software industry lies with unique markets who are awaiting the next level of products. For example, workflow automation systems designed over the past decades began by replacing a mere filing cabinet, ultimately automating the way paper flowed through an office.

These accomplishments were unprecedented advancements – ones that greatly affected client’s businesses. Back then, innovation focused on executing the existing process better and faster. Disregard looking at automating existing processes even faster. Instead, look at removing the need to have these processes, to begin with. It is purely up to you to think up new ideas, as well as convince others around you that these concepts are worth trying. I am not saying it is easy but you can make it happen!

A new generation is like the youngest child in the family. Everyone always looks at you as the baby. Pretty soon, Millennials will be overrun by Generation Z; a new generation of individuals who are even more technically literate. In turn, Generation Z will develop their own work ethic, an entirely new set of values for how work should proceed.

So, Millennials, please take the challenge. Rise up and look for the ways to do things better for clients. Do not worry about what returns are in it for you. Start thinking how you can start to lead – now.

– Mike

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