Your People Strategy is your Business Strategy

People are the great variable we all have challenges with. When you are surrounded by great people, things just seem to get done and you really don’t have to think much about how. When you are surrounded by under qualified people – even the basics get hard to do. Often you don’t know what situation you are in until you have experienced both.

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Growth Initiatives – What are they and how best to do them?

Many of the groups within Aquila have really started to put more and more resources into new products or entering new markets. We refer to these efforts as Initiatives. We have learned from many mistakes over the years and know we will make many more. This is part of our business and we need to take these risks to serve our clients better. Here

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Accounting has a Mythical Man Month too

Aquila has grown rapidly in the past several years and has grown exponentially more complicated. Starting the new year, we will have offices in over 12 countries and with employees in several more. Our clients range from public sector to private sector, from compliance and financially focused products to workflow and marketing automation products with almost every type of technology being used. In

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Move fast and break things – well, not really

Nothing shows the separation of the OG (Old Guard, not Original Gangster) and New Guard (NG) way of software management than that phrase. It is the “throw things against the wall” concept that sounds so free to those who want to throw things – without thought, without restrictions, without accountability – that attracts many individuals that are chaffing under strict

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Triathlon parallels for business

I have had several people ask about my experiences with Triathlon. While it really started as a way to shake things up personally, the more I spent time with it, the more it related to so much of the business side of things. As I meet more employees that participate in Triathlons and we start talking about what we have learned,

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Stop Wasting your Top Performer’s Talents

We all do it – we overload our High performers. We push them hard and you know what – they seem to like it. They want all the critical tasks – that is what made them your High Performers. Here is the challenge – it is likely the worst thing you can do. Often “critical” is not most difficult or most important to the

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Hey New Manager – Your employees are lying to you!

Well, not intentionally. One of the skills that is hardest to develop until you are in the actual manager’s chair is how to read what is really going on – not what is being told to you. We can pretend that it does not happen and that all employees are so confident in themselves that they speak their mind but it

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Challenging All Millennials: Take the Leadership Role in Front of You!

Forget the popularized labels millennials currently hold. Forget that every generation is discontent by their previous or subsequent successors. Forget what our social media timelines feed us. Forget all of that. Here are some facts you should concern yourself with: Since 2010, nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. Their vacancies in the workforce will perpetuate the need for qualified

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When It Comes to Promoting, Be Careful Not to Kill Your Top Performers

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen companies make (including myself, as it takes one to know one) is to over-promote your top performers. In smaller organizations that have trouble hiring and developing people, this is a constant challenge. For example, one of the worst things you can do to a great independent salesperson is move them to a

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Work/Life Balance

It seems weird to write a blog post regarding work/life balance while being on a back-to-back overseas business trip. Actually, it could not be a better time. Working in a “stretch” environment may make you feel as though you are burning the candle at both ends. In these situations, it is easy to feel like you are overwhelmed with work.

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