We are made up of many individual vertical software companies, each serving several diverse sets of clients and markets, all with a focus on forging stronger partner relationships and encouraging growth and innovation.

Emphasys Software

“We Build Software, So You Can Build Communities”

Emphasys Software strives to empower and mobilize businesses by delivering a broad portfolio of enterprise software solutions to key vertical markets. They have grown to become the leading full-service software provider to serve the affordable housing, investment management, and residential real estate marketplaces.

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“Innovating Travel Technology”

Juniper is a team of more than 100 professionals, experts in internet technology and in the travel industry. From dynamic information relating to the sales of products and managing bookings, Juniper can create all the content information you might wish to display on your websites and when it comes to designing your own email campaigns.

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“Looking Ahead”

Halcom has been a pioneer in the area of modern electronic banking and electronic payments system from its establishment in 1992. They enable secure and easy-to-use electronic payments, anywhere and anytime, as well as connect buyers, financial institutions, merchants and service providers.

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Financial Aid Management for Education, Inc. (FAME)

“Trusted Solutions for Higher Education”

FAME is a trusted leader in services and software for the higher education industry. For the past 39 years, FAME has provided a complete solution in both the Financial Aid and Student Information systems.

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IN2 Group Logo

IN2 Group

“Croatian Leading Software Company”

IN2 Group was established in 1992 in Zagreb, Croatia. Today, it is one of the largest software companies in Central and Eastern Europe. IN2 specializes in the development, implementation, and support of customized software solutions, as well as IN2 proprietary products and standard software solutions – both in the public and private sector.

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EPIC Loan Systems

“World Class Loan Management Solutions”

EPIC Loan Systems is a premier provider of Loan Management Software. EPIC helps contain customer acquisition and operating costs with its robust, turnkey loan servicing solution. EPIC was designed by industry experts who understood the challenges faced by lenders, as well as their technical needs. EPIC offers a high-tech, high-touch solution, with a consultative approach to helping lenders grow their businesses responsibly.

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“Software for Life Assurance, TPA’s & Asset Managers”

FRS was established in 1999 by four senior level actuaries who had spent years on the other side of the desk working with different investment administration systems. Unable to find an efficient system they began building numerous “workarounds” and disjointed systems and quickly realized that there was a tremendous opportunity to develop a software system that could solve complex problems for life assurance companies.

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Atex Digital Media

“Easy to use content management that makes your business fly”

Atex, headquartered in Sweden with offices worldwide, is a leading software company selling solutions for media-rich industries. We develop smart digital solutions that make a measurable difference and enable our customers to streamline operations and optimise their digital strategy. As a global organisation, we are committed to helping companies build revenues and reduce costs through products that are increasingly personalised, localised, collaborative, contextually relevant, and available on demand.

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