You started something from nothing.

At Aquila, we offer you a home for life. We differ from other investors as we truly care about investing for the long term. We do not believe in selling any of our businesses, and as such have never done so.

Not only are your products and technology valuable to us, so are your customers. We operate with a decentralized model in which entrepreneurship, agility, and market knowledge are crucial components. Whether you want to remain with your business, or pursue other ventures, we assist you in overcoming all obstacles to ensure you obtain the necessary opportunities for further growth.

Our best practices are based off of prior experience from numerous business units that are continuously shared with a mutual pursuit of mastery in the vertical software market. You can find available solutions within Aquila for practically every VMS challenge you might encounter.


Partnership Experience

Your technology and products are valuable to us. We want to continue developing and innovating your organization’s business activities, expanding your visions and aspirations.

Constant Improvement

Our approach centers on working collaboratively, providing support to all our companies with the hopes of implementing best practices. With a strong network of great leaders and minds to leverage, we are confident in helping you get through any particular challenge.

Organizational Stability

We know change can be disruptive. Aquila works closely with its companies and leadership teams to find the right balance. To ensure we can properly assist your business and clients during this initial time period, we have successful processes in place for every step of the way.

Operational Autonomy

At Aquila, we believe in autonomous, high-performing management teams. Your personal autonomy goes hand-in-hand with making timely decisions and responsive business needs.

Longstanding Management

Partnership is a commitment- we understand that. Our approach is centered on permanent, long-standing relationships that last years, not months. We are dedicated to our companies for the long run.