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When It Comes to Promoting, Be Careful Not to Kill Your Top Performers

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen companies make (including myself, as it takes one to know one) is to over-promote your top performers. In smaller organizations that have trouble hiring and developing people, this is a constant challenge. For example, one of the worst things you can do to a great independent salesperson is move them to a

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Work/Life Balance

It seems weird to write a blog post regarding work/life balance while being on a back-to-back overseas business trip. Actually, it could not be a better time. Working in a “stretch” environment may make you feel as though you are burning the candle at both ends. In these situations, it is easy to feel like you are overwhelmed with work.

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The Hierarchy of Adding Value

We are continuously adding new employees to our company. While they can go through as many polished onboardings and initial training programs as possible, there ultimately comes a point where the new employees have to jump into the deep end of our domain products and learn. Overall, their focus should be on getting better every day. What is “better” though?

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A Great Book You Might Find Brings Focus

Once you leave school, your learning has only just begun. This time, though, you don’t have assigned books- you need to find your own. I might have one for you. While I read quite a bit of fiction, I also enjoy business books, particularly those that focus on individual and team performances. As a leader in a thought industry, I

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Operating Discipline – Boring But Critical

Developing new products and conceiving different types of solutions that an industry has never seen is fun. It is engaging. It is that elusive “high” that many students think happens in startups all the time. The reality is much different. Many, if not most, great ideas never meet expectations- most never even get built. Why? Unlike brainstorming or imagining something

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