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When It Comes to Promoting, Be Careful Not to Kill Your Top Performers

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen companies make (including myself, as it takes one to know one) is to over-promote your top performers. In smaller organizations that have trouble hiring and developing people, this is a constant challenge. For example, one of the worst things you can do to a great independent salesperson is move them to a

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Please, Learn From Some of My Management Mistakes

Otto von Bismarck once said, “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” While it is up to you to decide who’s mistakes you learn from, I can give you some guidance on how best to learn from anyone’s mistakes. The key to learning from mistakes comes down to three main

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The Hierarchy of Adding Value

We are continuously adding new employees to our company. While they can go through as many polished onboardings and initial training programs as possible, there ultimately comes a point where the new employees have to jump into the deep end of our domain products and learn. Overall, their focus should be on getting better every day. What is “better” though?

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Training – Make it Practical, Aligned and Upward

At Aquila, it has always been one of our values that we have the Best Performers. There are several ways we ensure this occurs. One of the easiest is focusing on making sure we only hire the very best. The more difficult element lies in challenging our existing team to raise the performance bar on for themselves each year. There

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Culture- Chicken or Egg?

The Founder’s Culture Challenge Imagine you are starting your own company. You have an idea, a market, and a client’s problem you believe you can solve better than anyone else. You know you can do it on your own but you need to grow your team so that you can expand. You want to keep your circle focused and are

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Don’t Fool Yourself – What Type of Software Company Are You Actually Running?

A common question I receive from people I have recently met or friends that are stepping into software is how they should look at their business. Not too long ago, a close friend repeated this same question to me. Many people think of software companies as the ones they read about in popular articles. The reality is that there are

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Hiring to Solve a Problem vs. Hiring to Build a Team

We all hire people. Unfortunately, statistically, we’re quite bad at it. Between high failure rates of the position and overall cost of poor personnel fits, the impact to clients of inadequate hiring is one of the highest undocumented expenses most companies face. The question I keep asking myself is, how can we get better at this? While there are great

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Integrity and Its Impact in a Software Company

Running a software company is hard. Your days can feel like a blur with daily activities challenging you to lose sight of your company’s long-term objectives. With the downstream impact of your decisions and all the subtle nuances of handling things correctly, the right way can often be hidden in the momentum of keeping your group moving in the right

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